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Hi my name it Tim

I'm using this page as a help/info/todo page while other pages get worked on.

This was on the main page and I'm just keeping it as a reference for now.

Please see documentation on customizing the interface and the User's Guide for usage and configuration help.


This is a current todo list, feel free to add things I'm missing that we need.

My Podcast List

These are the podcasts I subsribe to.

  • Security Now
  • TWIT

Recommended Items

Things to check out.

  • — My wannabe site geek and weird stuff. Check it out I'll try to keep it updated this year:).
  • — Google Reader - Web based RSS reader from Google.
  • — I just started played with this a little, it looks to be a really neat. Writely is an online based word processor, it will export to Word or Open Office. Check it out.
  • — This is is another piece of software I have come to really like. Hamachi is a basically ZERO config VPN software. I've tested it on windows, and it works very slick. There is also a Linux client that I haven't tested yet and a Mac client in the works.