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Room A-112

Currently we hold our meetings at Moraine Park in Fond du Lac. 235 N. National Avenue, Fond du Lac, WI 54935

You can park in either of the lots indicated as black on the map (if there are spaces available). Then go in the door that is labeled "Entrance".

IF WE ARE IN OUR NORMAL ROOM (A-112): Then turn right, and walk till you see Room A112 (World Link Conference Center) on your left. The light-brown box roughly marks where the room is in the building. When you enter that door you will be on the lower level of the building...stay on the lower level. There are no stairs involved.

Directions to Moraine Park Fond du Lac

MPTC is located at the corner of HWY 23 (Johnson St.) and National Ave.

From the East

If you come into town on 23 make a right turn onto National Ave. and another right turn into the parking lot.

From the West

If you come into town on 23, you can continue through town and turn left onto National Ave. and right into the parking lot.

From the South

If you are coming up Hwy 41 you have two choices to get to MPTC.

  • Option A. You can follow 41 to 23 and exit turning right and going through town approaching MPTC from the west.
  • Option B. The Hwy 151 Bypass is completed around the east side of town. You could follow the bypass to Hwy 23 and take a left to head into town. The plus to this method is very little city driving, and between 5 and 6pm driving through Fond du Lac can suck at times. From 41 take the 151 North exit.

If you are coming up Hwy 151 currently I would suggest taking one of the 41 frontage roads (Pioneer or Rolling Meadows) north to 23 and take 23 across town.

From the North

If you are on Hwy 41 or 45, follow them to Hwy 23 and turn left.

If you are on Hwy 151, You will come into Peebles go straight thru the stoplight and follow the 151 bypass section labeled as To Hwy 23, on 23 turn right.